Illustrated Children's Books, Art Prints, Photographs and Cards by Author-Illustrator Judy Link Cuddehe

About Us

Found Link Press began in 2010 as Found Link Books. We changed the name in 2018 to better reflect what we have to offer you: extraordinary nature-inspired art prints, cards, children's books, and photographs. We are a female-, Veteran-owned business and we pride ourselves on bringing an up-close, patient, reverent, sometimes humorous view of the natural world to people of all ages. 
Found Link Press features the unique vision of Northern Virginia Author and Illustrator Judy Link Cuddehe. She will sit patiently in the bushes for hours watching the earth's creatures so that she can interpret her observations and make them accessible to you through her art and prose. (Like she did when she studied and photographed the Praying Mantises, above, which inspired her to create the graphite and colored pencil mantis artwork in the third photo, also above.  And, yes.  Yes, that second mantis is eating the disembodied head of a bumblebee.) To learn more about the artist, follow Author, Illustrator Judy Link Cuddehe on Facebook at
Found Link Press has something delightful and insightful for you, whether you are very young, very old, or any age in between. Go ahead...wander through the Found Link Press Store and let us know what you think.
To our loyal customers, thank you very much for your continued support. We look forward to serving you.