Illustrated Children's Books, Art Prints, Photographs and Cards by Author-Illustrator Judy Link Cuddehe

Set of 8 childrens picture books written and illustrated by Judy Link Cuddehe.

Set of 8 Picture Books Signed by Author, Illustrator Judy Link Cuddehe

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Author-signed books make wonderful Baby Shower gifts. This author-signed bundle of extraordinary children's picture books will jump-start any child's library.  At a substantial savings over buying the books individually, this is the best deal on the Web for these titles.

Set includes:
"Forgive Me?" "Flash Light," "Mom Says I Am Just Plain Squirrelly," "Big Al has a Foul Attitude," "The Wondrous Autobiography of Leaf, Erik's Son," "Blue-Eyed Runt," "Big, Old, Scaredy Dog," and "The Heron Chronicles."